Auto Industry Nightmare: Consumers are Giving Up Cars for Good

The Washington Post – June 2, 2017

Unprecedented changes are taking place in today’s auto industry. Companies old (e.g. Ford, Toyota) and new (e.g. Tesla, Waymo) are working overtime to make cars that run on battery power, drive themselves, and function as taxis. They’re doing all that to prepare for a future 10 or 20 years down the road, when electric, autonomous, shared vehicles will have changed the way we think about transportation. Only problem is, at least one new survey shows that the future may be closer than many had thought.

Sharing Economy: Before You Rent That Room, Brush Up on Tax Pointers

USA Today – June 1, 2017

So you have a house to rent — or maybe just a room. Or perhaps you’d like to pick up passengers in your car working for Uber or Lyft. Pursuing these types of business activities can be great sources of additional income. But there are drawbacks too, including those involving taxes. There are several tricky tax rules to beware, especially if you want to lease your home or part of it: A guide prepared for Airbnb landlords by accounting firm Ernst & Young runs 28 pages.

Spain’s Tense Embrace of Sharing Economy Leaves Torched Cars

Bloomberg – May 30, 2017

Nine drivers for the ride-hailing service Cabify had their vehicles torched at the start of May after pitching up in the Andalusian city to seek custom at its spring festival. Car2go, a car-sharing fleet in Madrid owned by Daimler AG, has suffered attacks on 70 of its cars over the last 18 months. And Spanish “taxistas” went on strike Tuesday in protest at competitors whom they say mimic their service without forking out for a cab license that in Madrid can cost as much as 130,000 euros ($145,496).

How Uber is Growth Hacking in Spain Despite Regulatory Roadblocks

TechCrunch – May 30, 2017

Taxi drivers in Spain are protesting against ride-hailing apps Uber and Cabify today, holding strikes in multiple cities and a protest march in the capital. Early reports suggest 20,000 protestors took to the streets in Madrid. Meanwhile, both companies are continuing to recruit drivers — using another Spanish startup, Jobandtalent, to help them do so. For example, the below ad running on Facebook in Barcelona says the recruitment firm is looking for 140 private drivers in the city this month, with applications for the roles ending on June 2.