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Free2Move, a Car- and Bike-Sharing App Aggregator, Launches in US

The Verge – October 4, 2017

Groupe PSA launched its Free2Move “mobility aggregation platform” Tuesday in Seattle. The smartphone app lets users compare car sharing services such as Car2Go, Zipcar to determine which works best for them at a certain time. Free2Move says it will introduce bike sharing over the next 60 days for the Seattle app users from Ofo Bike, Lime Bike and Spin Bike.


What TaskRabbit’s Fate Says About Sharing

Bloomberg – October 4, 2017

TaskRabbit’s fate illustrates Silicon Valley’s unbounded idealism when it comes to optimizing everything. The company was a catalyst for “collaborative consumption,” a movement in which everyone would share their homes, their vehicles and their time. In a seminal TED talk, Rachel Botsman declared that the currency of the new economy was trust, not money. PwC predicted that TaskRabbit and its sharing economy peers would comprise a $335 billion market by 2025.

Uber is in Trouble, But Uberization is a Must-Have

Forbes – September 28, 2017

What a rotten week for Uber. It is not a pretty picture, and if past experience is any guide (think Enron) it could get much worse now that the feeding frenzy has started. The biggest mistake supply chain leaders could make right now, however, would be to paint the whole concept of “uberization” with the same brush that we’re using on former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Sharing economy business models, a.k.a. uberization, are booming, and prospects for continued expansion look excellent.

Uber and Other ‘Sharing Economy’ Companies Under Fire

The Mercury News – September 28, 2017

Ride sharing services have been in the news lately in ways that are both challenging and promising for the industry’s future. Uber has been banned in London and is likely to pull out of Montreal and other cities in Canada’s Quebec province, because of new regulations that it feels are too stringent. But there is progress on developing autonomous vehicles that can ultimately make the companies more profitable and their services potentially more affordable — at the expense of drivers whose jobs will eventually be eliminated or at least scaled back.

Ford and Lyft Will Work Together to Deploy Autonomous Cars

The Verge – September 27, 2017

Ford announced today that it will work with Lyft to deploy its self-driving cars on the ride-hail service’s platform by 2021. On the surface, it’s yet another announcement about two companies partnering on driverless cars (snooze). But it’s bigger news than it seems for two reasons: it’s the first sign that Ford won’t be going it completely alone on autonomous driving; and it’s a possible wrinkle in the preexisting relationship between Lyft and Ford’s biggest rival, General Motors.