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Enterprise CarShare Halts Service in Chicago, Citing ‘Theft, Vandalism and Fraud’

Chicago Tribune – June 14, 2017

Chicago crime has led Enterprise’s car-sharing operation to cancel existing reservations in the area and stop taking new ones, the company says. Enterprise CarShare has had “a lack of vehicle availability” for the past six weeks, as “a direct effect of significant vandalism, theft and fraud,” the company told its members via email Tuesday.

Uber’s Problems: Has The CEO Just Trashed Entrepreneurship And The Sharing Economy?

Forbes – June 14, 2017

Its contempt for rules and its juvenile corporate culture have put Uber’s leadership in question across the globe. The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg will decide this summer if Uber should be considered a technical platform that links independent drivers and random passengers, or a transportation service. In other words, is Uber a transport service or Internet service? Should the court decide Uber is a transportation service, the company will have to comply with the safety rules in European countries and comply with the same legislation as their taxi-driving rivals.

Japan Passes Law Legalizing Airbnb and other Sharing Economy Rentals

TechCrunch – June 9, 2017

There’s good news for Airbnb in Japan where the government has approved legislation that legalizes its service, and others like it, in the country. The law, which was passed by Japan’s upper house on Friday, will allow home-owners to let out their property to paying guests for up to 180 days per year. They are subject to registering with local authorities who, in turn, have license to implement their own restrictions

Automakers Race to Get Ahead of Silicon Valley on Car-Sharing

The New York Times – June 8, 2017

The BMW ride-sharing service, ReachNow, represents the latest effort by a car manufacturer to get a grip on the technological trends that could disrupt their businesses by making vehicle ownership — and eventually even drivers — unnecessary. BMW and Daimler, maker of Mercedes-Benz, are two of the most aggressive carmakers building their own “mobility services” to prevent Silicon Valley’s upstarts from keeping all the spoils themselves.