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Sharing-Economy Business Wrapify Wants To Make You Money While You Drive

Forbes – August 23, 2017

James Heller quit his cushy job, drained his 401K and hawked some valuables to personally invest over $100,000 dollars to help get his company, Wrapify, off the ground. The CEO and cofounder leverages his twin passions of tech and marketing to pay people to dress their cars up in advertisements. Businesses get the advantage of exposure and access to a patented process which details analytics about the number of impressions their ads are getting.


Startups Bring Camping Into the Age of Airbnb

MPR News – August 23, 2017

Two years ago, Blake Romenesko bought 5 acres of land outside Duluth for a private backwoods retreat he calls “Trembling Gardens.” It’s mostly swamp and marsh, but tucked in a forest of ash and birch he’s erected a big tent surrounded by mosquito netting. A small solar panel provides a little electricity. There’s an outhouse. He purchased the land for a personal getaway. But then he heard about Hipcamp — a website that connects private landowners with campers. He was intrigued.

Tesla Making Car Sharing a Whole Lot Easier

TreeHugger – August 22, 2017

In the future, any Tesla you drive will automatically adjust to you. When we talk about new electric cars, we often focus on hardware and performance improvements like battery size/range or design features like the sleek minimalism of the Tesla Model 3. But that may be about to change. Alongside these very real physical innovations, the new breed of electric car is also delivering major improvements in terms of software and user experience. Specifically, as Autoblog Green reports, Tesla is ushering in several new innovations that will make car sharing a whole lot easier.


Richmond’s long-awaited bike share system launches next week

Richmond Times-Dispatch – August 22, 2017

Richmond’s long-awaited bike share system will be up and running next week, the city announced Tuesday. The first phase of the system, branded as RVA Bike Share, will include 220 eight-speed bikes and 20 docking stations, where prospective cyclists can check out a bike, take a spin around town, and return it for as little as $1.75. Rides lasting longer than 45 minutes will cost $3 per additional 30 minutes until the bike is returned.


Co-working, flexible leases at Twin Cities office buildings continue to grow

Star Tribune – August 21, 2017

Co-working used to be the haven for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. Now, hundreds of thousands of square feet of shared office space exists throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding suburbs with tenants including law firms, nonprofits and traditional businesses trying to spark creativity and attract more young workers.


Hello, yellow bikes: Testing Ofo, the third bike-sharing service to hit Seattle’s streets

GeekWire – August 21, 2017

Beijing-based Ofo just launched its bike-sharing service in the Emerald City, joining other companies like Spin and LimeBike that have placed thousands of bicycles around town in recent weeks as part of a six-month pilot program that has made Seattle a key market for these services to prove themselves before rolling out nationally.


How Seattle morphed from bikeshare failure to industry leader in five months

CNN – August 18, 2017

Seattle, long known for great coffee and cloudy days, has added a new distinction — bikeshare hotbed. Fewer than five months ago, Seattle shut down its struggling municipal bikeshare system that had been propped up with taxpayer dollars. But in the last month, three innovative bikeshare companies have launched in the city, quickly eclipsing the past failure.


You can drive a DeLorean? Car-sharing comes to classics

USA Today – August 21, 2017

How about driving a 1981 DeLorean for $880 a day, or taking a spin in a 1967 Pontiac GTO for $215? In its effort to get a slice of the mushrooming car-sharing revolution as well as build interest in historic cars among a generation raised on Uber, an auto insurance agency announced Monday that it’s getting into the business.


Lyft Is Gaining on Uber, Finally

Inc. – August 15, 2017

Uber has been enduring horrendous press for almost a year, the latest bad news being tied to a lawsuit from investors against former CEO Travis Kalanick. Meanwhile, smaller rival Lyft has been quietly reaping the gains of Uber’s journey from controversial-but-envied company to veritable Silicon Valley pariah. Lyft head of product Taggart Matthiesen told Recode that Lyft “saw a 60 percent increase in passenger activations” in response to the first #DeleteUber protest.


Uber Service Is Being Suspended in Yet Another Country

Fortune – August 14, 2017

The Philippines on Monday suspended the accreditation and operation of Uber for one month, in a decision that followed a government crackdown on unregistered drivers offering app-based ride-hailing services.