Monthly Archives: September 2017

Lyft Proposal Would Slash Congestion in Los Angeles

Gas2 – September 19, 2017

The folks at Lyft have been pondering the congestion problem in Los Angeles and they think they have a better — and far less expensive — solution LA’s chronic traffic woes. They propose fewer but more efficient lanes that take advantage of autonomous driving technology. Lyft, in cooperation with General Motors, has been conducting trials of self driving cars. Just this week, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, said it is ready to invest a $1 billion in Lyft.


Loftium Will Finance Your Downpayment for a House if You Rent it Continuously on Airbnb

Quartz – September 19, 2017

Usually when you hear about shady stuff happening in the sharing economy it comes from the “labor” platforms, i.e., companies like Uber, Handy, and Postmates, that rely on the labor of independent contractors to make their businesses work.

Sharing Economy Extends to Mortgages as Co-Borrowing Becomes a Trend

Real Estate Weekly – September 20, 2017

The so-called “sharing economy” just added another facet to its mix – co-borrowing. Decades ago, while Baby Boomers typically were able to purchase a single-family home in the suburbs on one salary, nowadays, it takes a village. In today’s millennial era, where co-living, co-working, and ride-sharing are all commonplace and part of many young people’s daily lives, it’s perhaps not surprising that when it comes to purchasing a home, that endeavor is shared as well.

Corporate Travel Policies Embrace the Sharing Economy

TravelPulse – September 14, 2017

More and more business travelers are relying on the sharing economy, and their companies appear to be taking notice. According to a recent survey from expense management and invoice automation solutions provider Chrome River Technologies, nearly eight out of 10 (78 percent) medium-to-large companies allow their employees to utilize ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft to get around for work.

How Ride-Sharing Can Close One Gap in Our Broken Healthcare System

Fast Company – September 13, 2017

In the conversation around America’s disorganized healthcare system, high costs come up as the most obvious barrier to treatment and services. But for many people, even if they can arrange affordable care, actually making it to an appointment poses yet another difficulty. They may not own a car or another mode of transit; public transportation in their area may be unreliable or nonexistent. Each year, around 3.6 million people miss an appointment because they simply can’t make it to the doctor’s office.

Technology is Changing Transportation, and Cities Should Adapt

Harvard Business Review – September 13, 2017

It has taken only a few years for ride-hailing services to make urban journeys more convenient in many cities, much to the delight of city dwellers the world over. And as innovation brings self-driving cars, electric vehicles, in-vehicle data connectivity, mechanisms for sharing rides and vehicles, and other technologies to more people, getting around cities will become easier, faster, and safer.