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BMW, Daimler May Combine Car-Sharing Services Car2Go and ReachNow, Report Says

The Drive – August 17, 2017

BMW and Daimler compete not only in car sales, but with dueling car-sharing services. BMW has DriveNow (and a U.S. version, ReachNow) and Daimler has Car2Go. But could these rival services become one?


GM’s Maven Assembling Building Blocks for Ride, Delivery Services

The New York Times – August 16, 2017

General Motors Co’s Maven car sharing and rental unit is expanding its partnerships in ride and delivery services as parent GM considers whether to enter the on-demand mobility business now dominated by Uber Technologies and Lyft Inc.

City Hall Doesn’t Approve of Surge Ride Share Pricing After ‘L’ Delays

Chicago Tribune – August 16, 2017

Red, Brown and Purple line trains were stopped at the Fullerton station for three hours during the morning rush Tuesday after a man jumped into the path of a train in an apparent suicide, according to police and fire officials. Trains were halted until 9:30 a.m. as detectives and fire crews finished working the scene, officials said. Shuttle buses were deployed but huge crowds of people trying to get to work had few options. Some people turned up to work hours late, after trying to navigate a new, impromptu system of buses and shuttles. If they looked on apps for Uber or Lyft, they were met with surge pricing that could have been as much as five times the normal fare.

Shared Mobility is the Precursor to Autonomous Vehicle Networks

Meeting of the Minds – August 16, 2017

The current hype about autonomous vehicle is accompanied by a surge of interest from shared mobility operators. Ridesharing providers such as Uber, Lyft and Didi are investing heavily into AV technology. Earlier this year, Uber announced its partnership with Daimler to bring self-driving technology to the market. Didi has opened up an artificial intelligence lab in Mountain View, the backyard of many autonomous vehicle competitors. Lyft’s collaboration with GM is well known and this month they announced an investment from Jaguar Landrover to bring autonomous connected vehicles on the road.

The Mouthpiece of China is Officially Annoyed with the Country’s Sharing-Economy “Gimmicks”

Quartz – August 15, 2017

In China the “sharing economy” has taken off of late. But many of its supposedly innovative business concepts are nothing more than “gimmicks,” said the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the ruling Chinese Communist party, in a commentary published today (Aug. 15). It also argued such services need to be more regulated—which suggests they likely will be in the near future.

Lyft Is Gaining on Uber, Finally

Inc. – August 15, 2017

Uber has been enduring horrendous press for almost a year, the latest bad news being tied to a lawsuit from investors against former CEO Travis Kalanick. Meanwhile, smaller rival Lyft has been quietly reaping the gains of Uber’s journey from controversial-but-envied company to veritable Silicon Valley pariah. Lyft head of product Taggart Matthiesen told Recode that Lyft “saw a 60 percent increase in passenger activations” in response to the first #DeleteUber protest.

Amtrak Partners With Car Ride-Share Operator Lyft in Shared Trip Promotion

AASHTO Journal – August 11, 2017

The Amtrak national passenger rail system said it is working with rideshare company Lyft to offer Amtrak riders discounts on Lyft rides to and from train stations. Rail customers can now use Amtrak’s mobile app to access the Lyft app to request a ride, and new users of Lyft will receive $5 off for each of their first four Lyft rides by using an Amtrak promotional code.