Monthly Archives: July 2017

Lyft Will Launch Self-Driving Car Rides by the End of This Year

The Washington Post – July 21, 2017

Silicon Valley’s steady march toward self-driving cars took another step forward Friday as the ride-hailing company Lyft said its customers will be able to summon a driverless vehicle on some roads by the end of the year.


San Francisco Seeks Funding for Wheelchair Accessible Car-Shares

The San Francisco Examiner – July 20, 2017

San Francisco is seeking funding for a small fleet of wheelchair accessible car-share vehicles, the San Francisco Examiner has learned. On Tuesday, car-sharing in The City was approved for a major expansion by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors, paving the way for up to 1,000 out of San Francisco’s 277,000 parking spaces to be dedicated solely to car-shares. However, car-share vehicles are not wheelchair accessible, prompting questions from at least one board member.

Why the Airbnb Civil Rights Settlement Matters

CityLab – July 17, 2017

After months of reports about racial discrimination in the sharing economy—particularly (but not exclusively) among the home-sharers of Airbnb—the solution that emerged from this case is a significant milestone. The remedy package is a comprehensive blend of reparations plus education to ensure not only that Suh was justly compensated for her troubles, but also that Barker, who Airbnb also banned as a host, will cease troubling other people of color in the future. It was also a signal to other Airbnb hosts that it will no longer be so easy to discriminate against guests based on race—at least not in California.

Chinese Umbrella-Sharing Startup Loses Most of its 300,000 Umbrellas in Three Months

The Verge – July 10, 2017

The sharing economy has made it easier for communities to peer exchange anything from a spare bedroom in your house to car rides and bicycles. But the model doesn’t work for everything, as one umbrella-sharing startup learned the hard way. Just under three months after launch, China-based E Umbrella has reportedly lost almost all of its 300,000 umbrellas available to rent across 11 Chinese cities.