Monthly Archives: June 2017

Maven Brings its Gig On-Demand Car Service for Freelancers to San Francisco

TechCrunch – June 20, 2017

GM’s Maven car-sharing service debuted Gig in May, a new offering on the platform designed specifically for gig economy workers. The idea is that people can rent cars for as little as a week at a time, with an all-in cost that covers insurance, maintenance and free charging for EVs. Now, Gig is kicking off in San Francisco, after its initial rollout in San Diego.


TaskRabbit App Off to a Slow Start in Pittsburgh

Reading Eagle – June 19, 2017

TaskRabbit, a San Francisco-based service, began in 2008 in Boston as a sort of eBay for chores, where neighbors connected with neighbors to help one another, bidding on jobs. Now the app instantly matches customers with available workers, eliminating guesswork.


Cities Can’t Afford to Let ‘Rogue’ Bike Shares Run Wild

CityLab – June 18, 2017

There’s a reason cities and companies partner up to launch bike-share systems. Disrupting this model could cause more harm than good.


The Car Industry Is Losing Its Head Over Uber

Bloomberg Businessweek – June 16, 2017

Auto giants are chucking money at “mobility”, but making cars is a decent business.


How to Know if it’s Time to Ditch Your Car for Ridesharing

CNBC – June 16, 2017

More than 8 in 10 consumers familiar with the sharing economy, including automobiles, agreed it “makes life more affordable,” according to a 2015 report by PwC. But the decision to completely forgo a personal car can be difficult, depending on where drivers live, work and play, because of convenience and other important criteria, experts say.


How To Make Money By Parking Your Car At The Airport

Forbes – June 15, 2017

Many travelers are tired of paying exorbitant rates to park at the airport. At the other end of their travels, they’re also fed up with the high cost of rental cars. Now there’s a company called TravelCar that claims to have an ingenious solution to both problems. The Paris-based car sharing service turns parked cars into cash for their owners, offers free airport parking and helps travelers earn money by renting out their car to other travelers while they are away.


Why The Review System In The Sharing Economy Is Flawed

Forbes – June 15, 2017

The sharing economy has transformed how we find places to stay on vacation and even how we get around town. But the system has a major flaw—reviews aren’t always honest and trustworthy.


Enterprise CarShare Halts Service in Chicago, Citing ‘Theft, Vandalism and Fraud’

Chicago Tribune – June 14, 2017

Chicago crime has led Enterprise’s car-sharing operation to cancel existing reservations in the area and stop taking new ones, the company says. Enterprise CarShare has had “a lack of vehicle availability” for the past six weeks, as “a direct effect of significant vandalism, theft and fraud,” the company told its members via email Tuesday.


Uber’s Problems: Has The CEO Just Trashed Entrepreneurship And The Sharing Economy?

Forbes – June 14, 2017

Its contempt for rules and its juvenile corporate culture have put Uber’s leadership in question across the globe. The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg will decide this summer if Uber should be considered a technical platform that links independent drivers and random passengers, or a transportation service. In other words, is Uber a transport service or Internet service? Should the court decide Uber is a transportation service, the company will have to comply with the safety rules in European countries and comply with the same legislation as their taxi-driving rivals.