In Praise of Electric Vehicle Sharing Schemes

The Huffington Post – April 4, 2017

We need bolder action to drive down emissions at the pace required to avoid the most dramatic effects of climate change. And Paris might yet lead the way. In 2011, the French capital rolled out an unprecedented fully electric open-access car-sharing scheme, called Autolib’. With a fleet of 4,000 “Bluecars” available for rental in Paris and the surrounding area, hundreds of stations, and guaranteed parking, riding with Autolib’ costs as little as $0.20/minute. Autolib’ is believed to reduce the costs of driving by 90%. As of 2016, the program had attracted about 200,000 subscribers cutting the number of private vehicle in circulation by more 36,000. As a result, it avoided 165M km/year driven by combustion engine vehicles, and about 50,000 tCO2 since inception. This urban revolution set an example that many French and European cities, including London, are following.


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