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The Next Car You Buy Could Be Your Last — The Robo-Taxi Era Is Closer Than You Think

Forbes – April 19, 2017

If you live in a large city — and more and more of us do, according to U.S. Census data — you know what a pain it is to own a car. It’s difficult to find parking, and when you do, it’s expensive. Insurance rates can be outrageous too. Taxis and ride-sharing services are an option, but you don’t know the stranger behind the wheel and those fares can add up quickly. By the end of the next decade, however, you’ll probably find that the cheapest, most convenient form of transportation is a shared, self-driving electric car, according to new research by the Boston Consulting Group.


Valparaiso Launches Its Bike Sharing Program

The Times – April 19, 2017

There’s a new way to travel in the city. Officials launched the Valpo Velocity bicycle sharing program Wednesday morning, taking the 25 bikes through the downtown area. The program will put 25 bicycles and one accessible tricycle on the street, based at eight stations throughout the Valparaiso University campus and the city. Those wanting to take a bike ride or needing an alternative method of transportation for an hour or a day can reserve and pay for the bike rental through the Zagster app on their smartphone. Reservations can also be made through the company’s website.

How To Invest In The Hot Vacation Rental And Room Sharing Economy

Forbes – April 16, 2017

After a shaky start, the vacation rental and room sharing industry is catching fire, with some analysts expecting it to surpass the hotel industry by 2020. Valuations are already stretched with Expedia buying HomeAway for $3 billion and Airbnb valued at north of $30 billion during its more recent round of funding. Investors have taken notice, chasing the stocks of three publicly traded companies, which have an indirect exposure to the industry. Like Trip Advisor, which owns FlipKey;, which owns; and Expedia, which ownsHomeAway.

A New On-Demand Battle is Speeding Toward the US, and Venture Capitalists are Seeing Dollar Signs

TechCrunch – April 15, 2017

The battle isn’t over car sharing. It’s not over bus sharing, either, though that, too, is a growing focus for investors and automotive companies that are desperate to understand how cities and transportation are changing. This clash is over the latest wrinkle in urban bike-sharing — dockless bike sharing. And it has founders and VCs around the globe seeing dollar signs, while regulators are wrestling — again — with how to ensure they’re not victims of a trend that seemed to emerge nearly overnight.

Uber and Getaround to Offer $5 Hourly Short-Term Car Rentals for Drivers

TechCrunch – April 13, 2017

Uber is teaming up with Getaround to provide an easier way for drivers without cars to provide rides through the service. Starting in San Francisco, a new pilot will allow Uber drivers to use the Getaround app to rent cars on-demand from pick-up spots throughout the city, and pay a $5 per hour flat rate for use of the vehicle, including insurance, gas and unlimited miles.

The Collaborative and Sharing Economy in Amsterdam

The Huffington Post – April 10, 2017

How can a city that is used to governing its physical territory, learn to govern its digital space too? How can a city deal with large online platforms that are actively shaping the physical city? This is a challenge where Amsterdam is a global frontrunner, gradually learning how to make the most of the opportunity, while protecting its core values (citizens at the heart of them) at the same time.