TaskRabbit’s Stalled Revolution

Task rabbit’s Stalled Revolution


About Saif Benjaafar

Saif Benjaafar is Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota. He was Founding Director of the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research, and a Faculty Scholar with the Center for Transportation Studies. He is a founding member of the Singapore University of Technology and Design where he served as Head of Pillar (at the rank of Dean) for Engineering Systems and Design. He was a Distinguished Senior Visiting Scientist at Honeywell Laboratories and a Visiting Professor at universities in France, Belgium, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. He Holds PhD and MS degrees from Purdue University and a BS degree from the University of Texas at Austin. His research is in the areas of supply chain management, service and manufacturing operations, and production and inventory systems, with a current focus on sustainability and environmental modeling. His papers have been published in various journals including Management Science, OR, and MSOM. His research has been funded by NRF and MOE in Singapore and by NSF, DOT, DHS, and DARPA in the US. He has consulted widely with leading companies and organizations such as Honeywell, General Mills, 3M, and the World Bank, among many others.

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