Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tesla Banned Customers from Using Its Self-Driving Tech to Work for Uber

Business Insider – October 21, 2016

Tesla has placed a strange restriction on its forthcoming self-driving car technology: Customers who will not be allowed to use it to work for ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft.


Why You Need To Know More About The Collaborative Economy And How It Will Affect You

Forbes – November 1, 2016

Nesta, the UKs innovation foundation, explored the diverse world of collaborative/sharing economies with its ‘Social Value In The Collaborative Economy’ conference. Per Nesta research, +45 million British adults are not aware of the benefits of social value ‘collaborative economy’ technologies like StreetBank, JustPark, Gobble versus more established entities like Uber and AirBnB.

Daily Report: Airbnb Faces a New York Showdown

New York Times – October 20, 2016

Airbnb is a marquee company of the so-called sharing economy, but that doesn’t mean it wants to share its own stuff. Sharing-economy companies employ technology that enables individuals to transform personal assets into profit-making entities. Uber and Lyft enable cars to become taxis. Airbnb turns apartments into hotel rooms.


The Sharing Economy: Driving Workplace Change

Information Age – October 19, 2016

The sharing economy is changing the nature of the workforce, offering easy opportunities for more money by transforming the notion of the traditional work week.


Opinion: 11 Things Fans of the Sharing Economy Get Wrong

Market Watch – October 18, 2016

Technology and innovation are seen as the key drivers of growth and employment. One much-cited example is the “sharing economy.” But supporters are wrong when they contend it is likely to create a new culture of micro-entrepreneurs that will revolutionize the economy.


St. Paul Tool Library Will Contribute to Sharing Economy

The Line – October 18, 2016

St. Paul is soon getting a new type of library—one that includes power drills, wrenches and lawn mowers. The St. Paul Tool Library will be the newest branch of the Northeast Minneapolis Tool Library, a nonprofit where members can check out tools for home repairs and projects. The new St. Paul location at 755 Prior Avenue N., in the Midway neighborhood, is slated to open late 2016 or early 2017.


Netflix Versus Uber: Does The Subscription Or Sharing Economy Have More Potential?

Forbes – October 18, 2016

Once upon a time, people who talked about a world in which people didn’t have to own things were called utopians and hippies. Now such folks tend to be capitalist adherents of the sharing economy popularized by Uber and Airbnb or the subscription economy being pioneered by Netflix and Spotify


Uber and Lyft Haven’t Run Taxis Off in Denver, but That Could Change

Denver Post – October 18, 2016

Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and other sharing-economy platforms have transformed the way people move around, find a place to stay away from home and get tasks done. But are the new players siphoning off revenues and jobs from traditional providers?


Under 30 Tech CEOs Emphasize Trust As Key To The Sharing Economy

Forbes – October 17, 2016

At a FORBES 30 Under 30 discussion at Boston’s Emerson College, three technology executives emphasized the importance of building a relationship with their customers, especially for companies that have had little precedent.


New Technology May Soon Resurrect the Sharing Economy in a Very Radical Form

The Guardian – October 17, 2016

Turn any idle asset into a productive piece of capital. All you have to do is set a price, and the robots will take care of the rest. What could possibly go wrong?