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Uber Drivers, Airbnb Hosts Get Tax Tips As IRS Launches New Web Page On Shared Economy

Forbes – August 22, 2016

The shared economy poses new challenges when it comes to how we view goods and services – especially when it comes to tax. To assist taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has launched a new web page designed to help taxpayers involved in the sharing economy figure out what they need to know about reporting, filing and paying tax.


GuestReady Provides Airbnb Hosts with the Services to Professionalize Their Rental

TechCrunch – August 19, 2016

London-based GuestReady officially opened its doors this week, launching its service in six cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong. The idea is simple: provide all manner of services that an Airbnb host could need for management — be that cleaning, laundry, or check-in and out services.


How the Sharing Economy is Reshaping the Business Services Sector

The Huffington Post – August 19, 2016

The sharing economy not only has created new job and income opportunities for people who need them, but it also has introduced services to communities that never had them.


This Non-Profit Wants to Use the Sharing Economy to Ease Europe’s Refugee Crisis

CNBC – August 18, 2016

One non-profit organization has aimed the sharing economy’s methods at two main concerns of Europe’s refugee crisis: Where to house the refugees and how to assimilate them into the host country’s culture.


Retirees Take On the Sharing Economy

Money – August 18, 2016

Uber and Airbnb aren’t just for Millennials. Retirees, too, are tip-toeing into the sharing economy as they look to bolster their income after leaving the workforce. Data from JP Morgan Chase shows that roughly 1% of seniors over 65 are making money from online gigs.


Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month

Bloomberg – August 18, 2016

The autonomous cars, launching this summer, are custom Volvo XC90s, supervised by humans in the driver’s seat


Equity For Field Workers: A Leap Forward For The Sharing Economy?

Fast Company – August 16, 2016

Dividends aren’t just for execs anymore, as gig-economy startups find new ways to reward the people who provide the actual services.


Food-Sharing Startup Josephine Doesn’t Want to Be Like the Rest of the Gig Economy

TechCrunch – August 16, 2016

Silicon Valley’s gig economy isn’t known for being very supportive of its core workers. Josephine, the startup that facilitates home-cooked meal sharing, wants to do things differently. That’s why Josephine is gearing up to offer its cooks ownership, more agency and transparency in the company.


Airbnb Hell, Twitter Trolls, and Silicon Valley’s Real User-Experience Problem

Vanity Fair – August 15, 2016

Behind the massive valuations and entreaties to make the world a better place, Silicon Valley start-ups run the risk of alienating the one thing they need most: customers.