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RideAustin Non-Profit Taking Over Where Uber And Lyft Failed

Tech Times – May 25, 2016

A startup non-profit car-hailing company called RideAustin sees and creates an opportunity where big names saw only bureaucracy and obstacles. RideAustin is one of the services that will replace Uber and Lyft, which ceased their activity in Austin, Texas since May 9.


How Uber Helps The Entrepreneurial Economy

Forbes – May 25, 2016

Is the gig economy good for entrepreneurship? Competing theories were the starting point for a trio of business and management school professors. Gordon Burch of the University of Minnesota, Seth Carnahan at Michigan, and Temple’s Brad Greenwood decided to test the question, using as markers the über-platform of the gig economy, Uber, the on-demand delivery service Postmates, and the boot-strapping behemoth Kickstarter. They analyzed how the arrival of Uber and Postmates in a new city affects the local proclivity to launch crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter.

Blue Indy Expands Car Sharing to Airport

The Indy Channel – May 21, 2016

You can now catch a BlueIndy car at the airport. The electric car sharing service has expanded its service to Indianapolis International Airport, with 20 parking spaces available at any time of day. The station “will provide a convenient transportation option throughout a person’s stay and an affordable choice to travel around Indianapolis,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

Changing Current of Opinion on BlueIndy Service

Automotive News – May 16, 2016

When the BlueIndy electric-car-sharing service launched in Indianapolis last year, a firestorm of controversy quickly ensued. Some businesses and residents vehemently objected to what they perceived as a lack of transparency by the city in appropriating prime parking places for the battery-powered cars. Eight months later, those passions have cooled. Some formerly vocal opponents of BlueIndy seem to be changing their opinions, according to an Indianapolis Star story this month.