Restaurants Are Using an App to Staff Their Kitchens

Bloomberg Businessweek – April 18, 2019

On a busy Friday night during the 2018 holiday season at the San Francisco restaurant Frances, chef and owner Melissa Perello faced a potential disaster. A dishwasher hadn’t shown up for work, and she was already down a person in the kitchen. “I got on the Pared app,” she recalls. “And 35 minutes later, a dishwasher walked in the door.”


Gig Workers Value their Flexibility… a Lot

Yale Insights –April 16, 2019

The promise of the gig economy is of working on a schedule of your own choosing. Does controlling their own time actually make gig workers better off? Using extensive data on Uber drivers, Yale SOM’s Judith Chevalier and her co-authors examined their driving patterns to understand the economic value of flexible scheduling. They found that rideshare drivers would have to earn as much as double to accept less-flexible arrangements.

Lyft tightens employee access to rider data, but it may not be enough

WIRED – April 17, 2019

Last year, Lyft investigated reports that its workers abused access to customer data, using their powers to stalk lovers and snoop on celebrities. Thankfully, the ride-hailing service has implemented changes since then: According to The Information, when a Lyft employee or contractor looks up rider details these days, they’ll see a warning message reminding them that their actions are logged and could be audited.

” Boxcar’s novel idea: Help businesses rent out that empty driveway or parking lot to harried commuters”

ROI – April 17, 2019

Many entrepreneurs have transformed garages into squeaky office chair- and computer-equipped startup centers. It’s well-traveled territory for businesses getting their start. Joe Colangelo’s own startup story has a twist on that trope: His business began in his driveway. There was a car parked in it, and not even his own