Chinese Umbrella-Sharing Startup Loses Most of its 300,000 Umbrellas in Three Months

The Verge – July 10, 2017

The sharing economy has made it easier for communities to peer exchange anything from a spare bedroom in your house to car rides and bicycles. But the model doesn’t work for everything, as one umbrella-sharing startup learned the hard way. Just under three months after launch, China-based E Umbrella has reportedly lost almost all of its 300,000 umbrellas available to rent across 11 Chinese cities.

Is Bike Sharing Worth the Bumps?

Straits Times – July 6, 2017

Once hailed as a new option in the nation’s push to reduce reliance on cars, the huge number of yellow and orange bikes is now a bane as well as boon. Why should operators get a free ride on infrastructure, for example?

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Audi-Owned Silvercar Expanding to Seattle Airport as it Seeks to Disrupt the Car Rental Industry

GeekWire – July 10, 2017

Silvercar, an Austin-based company that is looking to disrupt the car rental business, is coming to Seattle. On July 31, Silvercar will launch its service at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with an opening fleet of 50 vehicles, all Audi A4s. Silvercar said it is more focused on travelers coming to and from the airport than getting people around town the way car-sharing companies like car2go and ReachNow do. In terms of tech-oriented car companies, it is somewhat similar to ZipCar, with designated pickup and drop-off zones.

Planning to Use New Bike Shares? Bring a Helmet

Seattle PI – July 7, 2017

Seattle is about to welcome bike share version 3.0 with a pilot program open to applicants and set to run through the end of the year. As many as 10 companies are hoping to launch bicycles under the pilot program, including LimeBike and Spin, and none of them plans to have docks. Instead, the bikes will be free-floating, parked on the sidewalk (out of the walkway) all over the city.